Petunia (trailing)

Trailing Petunias have always been a great way to fill a tub or basket, only having to use 3 or 4 plants in each container or 1 mixed with other plants to give colour all summer.

If looked after they can last from May till October, just remember they need feeding and watering more than most other summer plants.

So keep them fed and never let them dry out!

These are the colours we grow in a large 1 Litre pot for £2.95


Sky Blue                                         Eclipse 

Red                                                 Crime de Cassis

White                                              Rose Rim

Yellow                                             Hot Pink

Royal Purple                                  Queen of Hearts

Royal Purple                                  Night Sky

Deep Blue                                       Hot Rose

Tumberlina Bella                            BlueVein


These are the colours we grow in a small pot for £1.95



Red Velour

Bubblegum Pink

Pink Vein

Denim Blue



medium £1.95 each
large £2.95