Bonanza mixed


Delivers excellent performance in the garden, highly uniform and early flowering makes this the best variety on the market.


Height 25cm

picture of lobelia

We offer two types of Lobelia, trailing and upright.

Trailing is a must for hanging baskets, window boxes and containers,

giving a great splash of colour all summer.

Upright can also be used in baskets and containers, giving a neater,

bushier overal look.

It can be used in beds and borders and can look stunning when used to edge with.

Lobelia is very thirsty so don't forget to keep the water up!

We offer four colours of upright (dark blue, light blue, white and mixed)

and two colours of trailing (dark blue and mixed)

picture of petunias

Petunia 'Frenzy' is a highly recommended, excellent variety, perfect for bedding.

They have a good, free-flowering habit, essential for mass colour.

Most of the colours have veins, giving greater rain resistance and fast recovery rate.

We also offer Petunia 'Pirouette,' a variety which has lovely double flowers.




picture of pansies

Pansy 'Matrix ' is an excellent all round variety with uniform habit

If dead headed regularly they should flower all summer long.