Monkey Puzzle Trees

(Araucaria Araucana)

As well as supplying bedding plants we also specialise in Monkey Puzzle trees.

In stock we have one main size

15 year old tree in a 25 litre pot - from £195


Advice on growing Monkey Puzzle trees


These fascinating trees have a slow rate of growth and tend to grow between the months of June and September with their new growth showing as an apple green colour. They take many years to reach maturity, typically growing approximately three metres in ten years

Soil/Compost type

It is best to use well drained (lumpy and gritty) compost as they produce a very sparse root system and struggle to cope with being over watered. Try to keep your tree slightly on the dry side and never let it stand in water, this will minimise the risk of its roots rotting.


Bear in mind these trees can become very big so it's best not to plant one a few metres away from your front window as after ten years you will be starting to regret it. A good way of getting the best from your tree is to keep it in a pot for a few years, this way it will become an unusual feature of your patio and eventually when it has outgrown this enviroment it can be planted well away from the house.


15 year old tree in a 25 litre pot - from £195 each