picture of verbena

Verbena Enchantment and Showboat

These are the best trailing Verbena on the market, flowering early and producing masses of flowers all summer.

Perfect for baskets, tubs and containers.

Enchantment                      Showboat

White                                             Magenta

Red                                                Midnight

Purple                                           Light Pink

Coral                                         Mango Orange

Violet.                                            Lavender



Mini Mauve Delight

Fresco Candy

Brasco Violet

Surdaisy White


Brachyscome has mounded spreading habit with masses of flowers all summer long without the need for dead heading.

Ideal for small/medium sized pots and look great in hanging baskets.can also be used for edging in gardens

Height 15-20cm


Sold in an 8cm pot

picture of fuchsia basket

We have over 20 varieties of Fuchsia, including the very popular 'Southern Belles' giant flower variety.

These vigourous plants produce extra large blooms and is a great addition to your tubs and hanging baskets..

Trailing                                               Upright

Cecile                                          Garden News (hardy)

Wendys Beauty                           Snowcap (hardy)

Annabelle                                    Dollar Princess (hardy)

Matt Busby                                  Deltas Sarah (hardy)

Voodoo                                       Heidi Anne                 

Peachy                                       Paula Jane

Bicentennial                               Happy Wedding Day

Seventh Heaven

Pink Galore

Time After Time (single flowers)

Jack Shahan (single flowers)


Our trailing Begonias have a strong cascading habit, have prolific blooms and flower the entire summer.

They are also ideal for baskets, tubs and window boxes.

Below are the varieties we stock:

  • Sweet Spice (buttercream, bounty and citrus)
  • Million Kisses (honeymoon and Valentine)
  • Funky Pink
  • Truffle Cream
  • Cherry Bon Bon
  • Rivulet Rose



      Salmon Pink





      Apricot Shades

      Golden Picotee 


Trailing Petunias have always been a great way to fill a tub or basket, only having to use 3 or 4 plants in each container or 1 mixed with other plants to give colour all summer.

If looked after they can last from May till October, just remember they need feeding and watering more than most other summer plants.

So keep them fed and never let them dry out!

These are the colours we grow in a large 1 Litre pot for £2.70


Sky Blue                                        Eclipse 

Red                                           Crime de Cassis

White                                              Rose Rim

Yellow                                              Hot Pink

Apple Blossom                         Queen of Hearts

Royal Purple                                   Night Sky

Deep Blue


These are the colours we grow in a small pot for £1.75



Red Velour

Bubblegum Pink

Pink Vein

Denim Blue


Hanging basket


We offer a range of hanging baskets (priced below), filled with an array of beautiful plants. We use the best nursery quality compost and mix in slow release food. The result is a stunning basket that will last the entire summer.


New hanging basket prices:

New 12” -  £19.50   

New 14” -  £24.50   

New 16” -  £28.95   


Customers own hanging basket filled:

Own 12” -  £15.80    

Own 14” -  £19.95   

Own 16” -  £23.80     


Empty hanging baskets:

12” -  £3.95

14” -  £4.50

16” -  £5.25