Bacopa picture of bacopa £1.95 each
Begonia (bedding) Begonia £3.25 pack of 6
Begonia (trailing) Begonia £2.45 each (Illumination variety), £2.95 (all other varieties)
Begonia (Upright) picture of begonia £2.95 each
Bidens Bidens £1.95 each
Bizzie Lizzies (Impatiens) Impatien £3.25 pack of 6
Brachyscome Plants £1.95 each
Compost Compost £12.50 for 80 Litre Bag, £9.50 for 60 Litre Bag
Dahlia (pot) dahlia plant £3.95 each (1 Litre pot)
Dianthus picture of dianthus £4.95 each
Diascia Diascia £1.95 each
Fuchsia (trailing and upright) picture of fuchsia basket £2.30 each
Fuchsia Fans (not available for 2022) Fuchsia fan £19.95 each
Geraniums (trailing) picture of geraniums £2.30 each
Geraniums (upright) picture of geraniums Small £1.60 (available in Red, Pink, White and Violet), Medium £2.30 (available in Light Pink, Pink, Hot Pink, Violet, Light Salmon and White), Large £4.00 (available in all the colours below)
Hanging Baskets Hanging basket From £23.90
Heliotrope Plant Unavailable
Lantana Lantana £2.95 each
Lobelia picture of lobelia Box of 40 plants £7.95, Strip of 8 plants £1.85, 12 cell pack £3.25
Lupin picture of lupin £1.95 each
Magic Floating Tap picture of floating tap £89.00 each
Marigold Marigold £3.25 pack of 10
Million Bells (calibrachoa) Million Bells £1.95 each
Monkey Puzzle Trees photo of monkey puzzle tree 15 year old tree in a 25 litre pot - from £195 each
Nemesia Nemesia £2.30 each
Nepeta Nepeta £2.30 each
Osteospermum picture of Osteospermum £4.00 each
Pansies (summer flowering) picture of pansies Pack of 6 for £3.25
Pelargonium (regal) Pelargonium £4.50 each
Petunia (novelty varieties) Petunia Prices from £2.30
Petunia (trailing) Petunias medium £1.95 each, large £2.95
Petunia (upright) picture of petunias Pack of 10 for £3.25 (Frenzy), Pack of 6 for £3.25 (Pirouette)
Plant Food (slow release) Plant food £1.75 bag of 10 tablets
Stone Ornaments picture of stone ornaments From £4.95
Tomato Plants Tomato plant £1.30 each
Trailing Six Packs Plants £9.45 pack of six
Verbena (trailing) picture of verbena £1.95 each
Wollemi Pine picture of wollemi pine